How to Make Your Own Mask or Face Covering

So, if you have decided that you want to wear a mask or face covering in public, here are some ideas and patterns. If you haven't already done so, please read “Should I wear a mask?”

How a mask “fits” you is important. If it “leaks” all around the edges and air doesn't get filtered through the cloth, it won't work well. And there are different shapes of faces so one design literally does not fit all! You may have to try a couple of designs. 

(In hospitals, health care workers are individually fitted from several different mask designs.)

Some general mask-making suggestions: 

- The cloth you use will depend on what you have at home. Cotton-poly T-shirt material (a heavier weight material is likely better) is what most recommend and is easily available.

- Two layers are recommended – use different colours or patterns so you know which is the “inside”. You don't want to put the “dirty” outside against your face if you have taken the mask off.

- You may find that a man's mask may need to be a bit bigger (bigger face!). Experiment!

- Don't forget to wash your mask frequently. Make a few – two for yourself in case one is still drying and others to give away to friends!

Here are the pattern suggestions:

A video to follow for visual learners:

An "official" pattern for QHC from the “Fun with Stitches” sewing supply store:

One recommended by the Michael Garron Hospital (the old Toronto East General)

A fancy one (you'll be well dressed but it is more complicated):